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UCS grad publishes children’s book she started in kindergarten
UCS grad publishes children’s book she started in kindergarten
Posted on 04/26/2022
Kat Mazur with her kindergarten book and children's book For UCS graduate Kate Mazur, finding Bobo the Turkey was like finding a long-lost friend whose story was never completely told.

That is all over now, as Mazur has turned the story she started as a kindergartener into her first children’s book. 

“I always remembered Bobo, and I was finally able to turn it into the story that I really wanted it to be when I was little,” Mazur said in a video message to students at her Alma Mater, Messmore Elementary.

Bobo’s Trouble is a Thanksgiving story about the exciting adventure of a turkey who experiences kidnappings, daring escapes and berry picking.

Along the way, he learns that he should always be thankful for friendships.

Mazur recently read her book to Messmore students, hoping her and Bobo’s journey inspires current students. 

“I want to encourage all of you with your stories and your dreams; you might not know what they turn into,” she said. “So don’t ever give up on them. You have so many stories – so many ideas – even though you are young now, they could turn into something amazing when you get older.”