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Messmore celebrates 50 years of academic excellence
Messmore Elementary celebrates 50 years of academic excellence
Posted on 06/02/2017
Students reading a yearbook in front of a sign

Messmore Elementary students had a few thoughts about their school celebrating its 50th anniversary:

  • “I think Mr. Messmore and Maria Montessori would be proud if they walked through our school today.”
  • “It’s great that we are here to celebrate the anniversary.”
  • “Wow – that’s a long time. I can’t believe we are 50.”

Messmore Elementary marked its 50th anniversary on June 2 with a series of events.

During the day, special guests were invited by the school to an open house where they could tour classrooms and hear from students about their school.

Later in the afternoon, all students gathered in the gymnasium to hear words of congratulations from Superintendent Dr. Christine Johns and Principal Patrick Zott. 

They also watched a video that detailed the history of the school and information about the area in 1967.

A few of the facts they learned include:

  • J.V. Messmore, the school’s namesake, served on the Board of Education in the 1940s and was also one of the first presidents of the Utica Rotary Club. He was a Ford car dealer, founded a tractor company and established an insurance agency.
  • The school’s first day was December 5, 1966. Students had started on half-day schedules at two other local schools, with some also at Stevenson High School.
  • Messmore lost four classrooms in the mid 70s as the result of a fire that occurred after school was out.
  • Kids in the 1940s had chalkboards – there were no Smart Boards, iPods or computers.
  • There was a rumor that there was a time capsule buried on school grounds in 1977. After extensive digging and even underground radar being used, a capsule could not be found for the 50th celebration.

This year’s Messmore students are planning on burying a time capsule (with a map) for students in the year 2067.

The capsule will include letters written by current students to future students, costs of common items used in 2017 and several local newspapers.

The school also hosted an open house for parents in the evening of their celebration.