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Messmore students hit the ground running every Monday
Messmore students hit the ground running every Monday
Posted on 10/18/2019
The Run Club Group PhotoMessmore Elementary students have a new reason to look forward to Monday.

For more than 50 upper elementary students, Monday means it's time to get outside and take part in the school's new Run Club.

“I wanted to do something after school and this allows me to keep in shape,"  Caleb Trepkowski said. “I like to spend time with my friends. It’s just fun to do.”

The Run Club, which began this school year, meets every Monday afternoon to run one mile on school grounds. 

The club was started through the work of seven teachers and a Messmore parent. Organizers are teachers Riva Hannish, Elizabeth McKenna, Charlene Sonnenberg, Cheryl Boes, Marie Schultz, Kellie Papadelis, Andrea Vedder, student teacher Vanessa LaRocca and parent Megan Simon.

“We hoped to connect life lessons with good habits that would carry over into students academics,” said McKenna. “As we got started ‘growth mindset’ helped drive our message helping students persevere and maintain positivity not only in beating their personal best running time, but also in any situation they have on or off "the track."  

The students are in training for a 5K Halloween Hustle and then will break for the winter. The club will start back up in the spring. 

The Messmore runners are not in competition with each other, but rather working to improve their time each week. 

“Every time you build up speed and it gets easier and easier,” Fourth grader Ella Simon said. “I like how you get to pace yourself and you don’t always have to be in front.”