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Spring has sprung random acts of kindness for UCS elementary students
Spring has sprung random acts of kindness for UCS elementary students
Posted on 05/17/2019
Student underneath paper tree

Kindness multiplies across neighborhoods and generations.

Whether forming a paper Kindness Tree signifying helpful deeds or scattering seeds of kindness across our district, goodness is tangible to the students at Messmore Elementary School.

Thanks to the school-wide “Spring Has Sprung Random Acts of Kindness” program, the children, staff, and community members launched a campaign April1st that culminated in a Random Acts of Kindness Month.

As people completed random kind acts for others, they wrote the deed on leaves and flower petals and challenged the recipients of the kindness to “pay it forward” by doing two kindnesses for two more people in their community.

The result is an astounding Acts of Kindness tree with 100’s of leaves and flower petals that hangs in the hallway of the school. 

“The colorful tree and spring flowers is a visible reminder that simple acts of kindness have an enormous ripple effect”, according the kindness coordinator and school President, Lindsay Tomaszewski, a 6th grader at Messmore Elementary School. 

and her classmates stretched the “Random Acts of Kindness” concept to this Utica Community School by inviting students at her childhood elementary school to participate and place its leaves onto the branches of their Kindness Tree in order to bring awareness to not only the student body but also the community.